Support Services

The It’s Fresh retail support team can provide support for a successful business in the fruit and vegetable industry. The team can assist with the development of a tailored marketing mix to help you establish and grow your business. Areas of assistance can come in the following areas; Staff Training, Price Setting, Promotions, Systems Implementation, Display Arrangement and Product Selection.

The overall aim is to work with you to improve and optimise the profitability of your fruit and vegetable retail outlet. We work closely with the It’s Fresh Produce sales team to ensure that they understand the unique circumstances of your retail outlet, ensuring that you receive the optimal personal service, a range of weekly special buys and that there is effective communication and information flow between the organisations. Contact Stav Konstantinos (call 07 3426 3700 or email [email protected]) if you would like to know more about how the It’s Fresh retail support team can help you.

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