Meet the QLD Team

With over 100 years of fresh food experience, the team at It’s Fresh are committed to providing you and your customers with the highest quality of Fruit and Veg at the most competitive price. Let us introduce the team at It’s Fresh.

Adam Wilson – It’s Fresh Manager

“I am the General Manager of It’s Fresh QLD. I have had 8 years in the fresh produce industry and a whole lifetime centred around fruit and vegetables through my family’s business. I relish the opportunity to work with such experienced and knowledgeable staff. We are all striving for the same goal – to deliver the very best quality produce at the very best price to meet a diverse customer base. The ability to deliver on price and quality is improved with our large buying power and our strong relationships with local as well as regional growers and suppliers – relationships we look forward to maintaining and evolving over the future years.”

John Barry – It’s Fresh Senior Buyer

“Starting with It’s Fresh from the beginning, I brought four decades of experience to a company that is now filled with immense knowledge and an understanding of the fresh produce industry. My role as the senior buyer, means I am accountable for the produce that is distributed to our clients, a role that I am very passionate and immersed in. With It’s Fresh having so much experience from all areas of the fresh food industry, we believe we can provide the best quality produce in the market at the most competitive price.”

Brad Phillips – It’s Fresh Buyer

“Being around fresh produce all my life has left me with the understanding of what it takes to deliver quality produce to our customers. Currently a buyer for It’s Fresh, I implement my own personal standard for what I will allow to go to our customers to ensure customer satisfaction. I take pride in what I send out to clients, as my own personal standard needs to be met before anything is sent off. This way I know what is sold to the clients customer, which is the highest quality of fruit and veg in the market”

David Love – It’s Fresh Buyer

“I have been involved in the fresh produce industry since the 70’s and I am incredibly passionate about my role as the organic buyer. For me, It’s Fresh stands for the freshest and finest produce in the market, that aspiration has now been carried over to the new organic range, which I am proud to put my name too. This is an exciting new development for customers, as they now have a great organic range to choose from, with the same trust in the quality that they’ve always had.”

Joe Nowak – It’s Fresh Buyer

“With over 15 years experience in the industry in sales and warehouse management, I am excited to be given the opportunity to work with the It’s Fresh team as a buyer. Relatively new to the role, I know that working with such an experienced and knowledgeable group of buyer will enable me to develop an understanding of what is required in delivering a quality product to our customers. I am very passionate about my role as a buyer and the industry itself and will ensure that along with the ‘very high standards’ set by It’s Fresh, the customer can feel that they are being looked after in the highest possible regard.”

Stav Konstantinos – Retail Support Specialist

“I started working on the retail side in the industry fifteen years ago and after working for several award winning retailers in Brisbane, made a recent move to It’s Fresh. I have spent recent years in the wholesale side of the markets; in sales, quality control and also as a buyer and this experience has given me flair when it comes to visual merchandising, and I am more than happy to spend some time with you and/or your staff to help train and improve stock merchandising. I believe the It’s Fresh team is able to provide the most carefully tailored options for each store. No one else gives each individual business the same level of attention in meeting specific needs than we do. Our buyers work hard to meet the needs of each produce department, because they know what their customers want better than anyone else and we want to help.”