Market News

Banana Ripening Chart

 Display colour stages 5 to 6 for maximum sales potential

Stage 2

All Green

Stage 3

More green than yellow

Stage 4

More yellow than green

Stage 5

Green tips and green necks

Stage 6

All yellow. May have light green necks, no green tips

Stage 7

Yellow flecked with brown

Product Information

Joe Nowak’s Update

Herbs are currently in good supply and consistent in quality.

New Season Granny Smith and Red Delicious are now available. Jazz apples are looking good and eating well. The Kanzi apples are amazing in quality and taste. Fuji apples will not be available next week. New Season Pink Lady apples are now available.  Pears are still in good supply and are eating well.

Local lemons are now available in good supply and quality.

Valencia oranges are coming to an end. Local Navels have just started to hit the market. By the middle of next week, we should have a good supply of fruit.

are in good supply. They are eating extremely well and are coming down in price.

There is a good supply of yellow pawpaw in the market. Quality is good.

Organic Produce:

Mushrooms still remain a problem to supply due to a major grower going broke in Victoria and leaving a large portion of the market without stock. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly and supplies will begin to be more consistent.

Carrots have also been in very light supply as summer growing areas finish. Supplies are better next week with better sized mediums available for loose orders.

Blueberries are also very hit and miss with supply.

Fresh stock of Royal Gala have just arrived and quality is superb.

Organic Mandarins will commence in about 3 weeks.

Brad Phillip’s Update

Handpicked quality is still good. Prices have as a result of a planting gap in Victoria but Gympie should start soon.

Prices are still quite strong and will remain that way with shortages in Victoria and Stanthorpe starting to finish up. Gatton should fire up in the next few weeks.

S.A Onions are in full swing at the moment.

Brushed Potatoes are very good quality. Supply district has changed to Victoria.

Japanese Pumpkin is on the way up. Local stock is nearly finished. New season Griffith Butternuts have started.

Supply and quality of zucchini has improved recently.

Rockmelons are good value. With the hot weather they should sell well.
Seedless is selling well and quality has been good. Honeydew remains expensive.

Supplies of mushrooms to the market has been erratic.

Garlic has just about finished. Will re-introduce Spanish Garlic.

Quality out of Bundaberg is good and they are selling well.

Washed potatoes are still showing a bit of ‘heat stress’ due to recent Heat Wave conditions in Sth Aust.

John Barry’s Update

Shepard Avocado quality is very good and price has eased.

Good supply of Cavendish Bananas and are eating well (Ideal to promote).

Price of Tomatoes have eased. Stock quality is good.

Quality of Strawberries have improved, still very expensive.

All varieties of Grapes are expensive now as the season is coming to an end.

New stock of queen garnet plum nectar has arrived!

Cucumbers – Cont’ cues are the best value at the moment.

Iceberg lettuce has improved in quality and price. Is very keen.

Capsicums are in good supply.

Quality of Snow Peas are very good. Price has eased.