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By January 21, 2016QLD proudly supporting

Gollagher Bros Pty Ltd has been operating at the Brisbane Fresh Produce Markets for over 15 years and we have served It’s Fresh with quality vegetables, fresh herbs and salads for over two years. While previously serving Wilson’s Fresh (the It’s Fresh predecessor) for many years prior to that.

The It’s Fresh team are just as passionate as we are about getting the freshest range available. The growth in our customer’s business means the continued growth in our business and this gives our growers’ product exposure to many retail consumers throughout the country.

The It’s Fresh team comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable retail professionals and enthusiastic produce buyers. Under these circumstances, it makes for a strong and positive future for both our operation and our suppliers knowing that our products will be given broad exposure in the consumer market via a professional produce supply company like It’s Fresh.

Wayne Banich
General Manager
Gollagher Bros. Pty Ltd

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